Friday, February 12, 2010


Classical art has been taught historically by the Atelier Method where experienced artists’ trained apprentices who would learn their trade in much the same way as the artist did.  The masters used the tools of expression to draw and paint their inspired idea of a subject, not to only produce a literal copy. The great masters' exploration and interpretation of nature resulted in decisions about  composition, color harmonies, rhythm, gesture, technique, artistic proportion and style etc. that we feel as beautiful or uplifting. The conceptual Atelier Method of teaching fine art is a form of passing skills and knowledge through collaborative and intense work with a trained professional artist. Knowing the past gives developing artist strong set of tools to create their own inspired pieces.

Vancouver Fine Art Atelier (VFAA) follows the Classical Academic Program with a conceptual approach, so realism and artistry are balanced.

Here students are learning to translate nature into finished work using any techniques available. At any stage of an artists practice it is very important to have a capable solid base of well rounded education. Improving and mastering the fundamentals can lead you to the great professional practice in any art industry.
Courses are formed in levels designed for different age groups. Start as early as you can to gradually progress your skills. Remember that “Master Artists” are only 1% talent and 99% of constant practice.
VFAA is dedicated to the development of the elementary skills of early students, and also to the important training that will liberate them from the limitations inherent in these methods — guiding the mechanical practice, at the earliest possible time, into a more fluid, organic execution, a stronger artistic judgment and a greater sense of poetic resonance and artistic unity.

VFAA is committed to offering knowledgeable instruction and a comprehensive program in a warm and friendly learning environment for the sincere, discerning student who wants to learn more about the art of traditional and conceptual representational drawing and painting.