Friday, November 29, 2013

Painting brushes for art lessons.


One of the most versatile brushes. Designed for painting lines with a constant thickness , or lines , ranging in thickness. This is a great brush for drawing , creating textures, working out the details .

2 . FLAT
These brushes are applied broad straight strokes: they work well on large areas of the canvas. Due to the density and length of hair , brush holds a lot of paint .

This kind of brushes looks like flat brushes: both have a similar shape , but outline brush’s beam is shorter, that gives greater flexibility and better control over the quality of flat strokes . In addition, shorter hair easier to create a smooth transition from one color to another and highlights good paths.

This is a flat brush with a dome or oval shape. Its application is very flexible - it can be used as an ordinary flat brush and, at the same time , perpendicularly to the surface - as round brush .

If you need to apply very precise smear, this brush is the best. It looks like a flat brush with a short nap, but has a cut at an angle . Since the tip of the brush allows you to quickly and confidently change the amount of hair or bristle carrying paint , this brush is an excellent tool for creating transition from one color to another in tight , narrow , small areas of the picture.

These brushes are used to apply an even layer over the stencil. In addition, they are perfect for glazes or free standing layers of paint .

Brushes are designed to make free open fills , used mainly with watercolors and almost always made ​​of soft squirrel hair.

Used with liquid paints and is a variation of the round brushes with very long hair . They used to apply thin straight lines . The visible part of the hair serves as a reservoir for the paint. You have an  opportunity to make a very long line without refilling the brush.

This is younger sister of the font brushes. It is shorter than the font brush, but longer than round brush. This brushleaves the exact lines , long strokes and also suitable for labeling .

10 . HARP
Flat brushes with sparse fan-shaped beam . With their help it is possible to make subtle color stretch. You can also soften the contours and texture contrast .