Thursday, May 28, 2015

Silk Painting Workshops

Silk Artist Debra Dolsberry from Big Island of Hawaii visiting Vancouver this summer and will hold four workshops in our studio! Exciting!

This is an amazing opportunity to make a summer gift for yourself or your friends and family - beautiful and colorful silk scarf! 

Please, sing in in advance, the dates are: July 4th and 6th , July 20th and 25th 2015.

It is from 10 am to 4 pm with one hour lunch break, this time is enough to finish one 44"X44" scarf. 

Each day is 50$, which includes:

High quality silk surface scarf, shared dies 5 colors with resist, brushes to use, stretching system, clips, simple lunch and tea. 

These workshops will include:
  • Introduction to dye flowing on silk 
  • Brief discussion of dyes and their properties 
  • Creating colors from the basic Magenta, Yellow, Blue and Black 
  • Overlay of colors on the silk 
  • Modifying texture of color with water, alcohol and salt 
  • Moving color and resisting color with water and alcohol 
  • Plaids, modified stripes, free form, and loosely drawn tropicals are the primary motifs
  • Creating a design with resist 
  • Learning to control resist flow for consistent lines 
  • Determining density and color selection for resist lines 
  • Using resists to create an abstract design
There is no previous art-related experience necessary, but please, share your practice history with us upon registration. Ask more questions via email: or call in the pm 778 239 2922.