Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Watercolor Painting Experience

The Watercolor Painting Experience:

Our new class from 4pm-7pm on Fridays will be based on a classical watercolor course practiced in Russian Fine Art Schools. This class will feature the first hand experiences of the instructor, and will be designed to give a variety of lessons and exercises to each student based off their individual artistic abilities.

Oh boy, we love watercolors! The strokes from your brush can become marvelous, captivating, and breathtaking. Working with watercolor has shown us a calm way of being through such an exciting process. We hope to share our knowledge of traditional methods and years of practical experience with you.

Classical painting techniques are best when followed by a drawing course, or consistent drawing practice, as sketching experience is helpful for solving many common painting frustrations. There will also be some drawing assistance in this class

We are taking new students so sign up now.