Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Plein Air Painting 2016: summer went so quickly, and it is already the Fall season. New classes have already started at Atelier. Just want to bring attention to those of you who are interested to register for Plein Air Painting with us next summer:

I know many artists who spend all their creative time in the studio, reasoned by comfort with a high percent of success in their known mediums and meditative states. Fair enough time in a studio is precious. But how much more often in your life do you experience something special in an unusual and unknown space? I know in my life I am surrounded by many such discoveries.

An example is that park you didn't want to go to because you feel a little under the weather and have a head full of doubts, though after overcoming laziness and anxiety you still go there. In these moments we usually encounter beauty; perhaps see an old friend, notice the sun flickering through the autumn leaves, watch the wind blow through the trees, so much to experience.

Similar approach I have towards Plein Air Painting; overcoming and fighting your laziness, confusion, tough weather conditions, and distracting comments from visitors. As you paint outside your comfort zone you will be pleasantly surprised that these paintings constantly become the best you have painted in a while.

This year we painted in rain, hot sun, and wind, by the end of the week still wanted more, simply because it is fun.