Thursday, March 14, 2019

Oil Painting can be fun!

I love Oil Painting, this is just a right kind of medium, when I am in the right kind of mood. Here are my reasons why:

♡ Dreamy. It can fulfill ones dream to be a serious artist. All masters used oil paint as their primary medium.
♡ Timeless. Oil painting has so much history, countless examples and tons of inspiration in the galleries.
♡ Exciting. The paint has its treasure qualities - fluidity, allows mistakes and perfect for blending!
♡ Forgiving. You are in control of drying time. Depending on the medium it can be slow, or fast drying.
Presentational. The finished piece will look good without framing and ready to hang at home.

The best way to share the joy of painting is to experience it together. I have a little sneak peek for you of my process of painting in oil. Enjoy and sign up for the class.  

-Veronika Mcleod